All mediums now available.

What an exciting day for me. We’ve been working hard to get our recent book available on all three mediums: audio, print and Kindle, and today is the day!

Our new book, The Emerging Ekklesia, is now available!

It has been a long journey. I early last year by rising between 4:30 and 4:45 AM to write a chapter reflection each day. The idea for the emerged as I went along, propelled by the excitement of reliving (so to speak) the earliest days of the emerging Church, the Ekklesia of God.

The subject has fascinated since I was a boy, and my life experience over the last sixty years has only made it more compelling. Part of a small, rag-tag group of believers in a house church setting for over forty years often, I, along with my wife, family and committed spiritual brothers and sisters, have had quite a ride. Our enthusiasm for the wonder of who God is has not wavered; it has only increased. As the weeks pass, I hope to share here (and invite your thoughts as well) both portions from our new book as well as a few thoughts along the way. May those who join us be blessed!