Who Are You Anyway?

We are in the home stretch with our next book, Who Are You Anyway? This has been another labor of love. The book laser focuses on just two verses of the Hebrew Bible—Exodus 34:6-7. Hopefully available on Amazon and Bookbaby.com in two months. I have been fascinated with these two verses since the early eighties—about forty years! The context is Moses on Mount Sinai when the presence of God Almighty “passes before” Moses . Moses hears the Almighty’s voice describing His ways.” Great stuff! Great enough for me to have two of the “ways” emblazoned on my license plate over the last forty years. First Chesed and then Rachuwm. The book is written for a broad audience. I hope both my Jewish and Christian friends will be interested. After all, there are few verses in Scripture that have the Creator of the Universe describing “His” attributes! I say “His” because attributing gender to God is a bit of a stretch!

Here is our initial thought of how the Cover might be designed:

Rough Cover Design

Fran gave me the cover’s underlying drawing. The artist was Umberto Marigliani. We love the image and will be proud to feature it on the cover. More to come soon!