Manuscript at the Publisher’s!

After four long months of proofing the text, getting critical Hebrew help from Martin Sarvis in Israel, and reading the entire book aloud, the manuscript of WHO ARE YOU ANYWAY? was delivered to the Publisher yesterday! I am so thankful that part of the publishing journey is behind me.

Who Are You Anyway? focuses on the 34th Chapter of Exodus where the Creator answers a critical question Moses has posed after the Golden Calf debacle.  Until we explore the Almighty’s answer, it is difficult to understand not only who God is, but also who WE are or who we should be. The book spotlights underlying Hebrew texts and explores connected Scripture verses. Rabbinical sources as well as personal history add additional amplification. Insights are drawn from sages such as Maimonides, Rashi, Sforno, Kugel, Jonathan Sacks, Clement of Alexandria and Irenaeus as well as from Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.

I’ve been working hard on an Audible version. Instead of using the English narrator, David Pickering, who did such a marvelous job on my previous effort, The Emerging Ekklesia, I am doing the narration myself. The experience thus far has been daunting. I am definitely NOT an audiophile and know close to nothing about recording. But I am near the end of the effort. It is exciting to be nearing the finish line. Prayers appreciated! Below please find a very short clip from Chapter 8 on Emeth.

From Chapter 8 on the Hebrew word EMETH